A god-given vision to care for children...

Ebenezer Christian Children’s Home was founded in 1994 as an avenue to provide a loving, Christian environment to children removed from their homes due to neglect or abuse. ECCH is a fully licensed North Carolina Residential Child-Care Facility, and a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Ebenezer Christian Children’s Home believes that God has called us to continually share Christ’s love with all those who pass our way. We seek to minister to the spiritual, physical, emotional, and educational needs of the children that have been placed in our care.  Ebenezer Christian Children’s Home believes all children have the right to be protected from abuse, to be treated with respect, to have people that listen to them, to have people that care for them, and have a safe and nurturing place to grow up and have their needs met and the support they need to achieve their goals.  The vision of Ebenezer Christian Children’s Home is for all children to have a safe place to laugh, play, and dream.

The mission of Ebenezer Christian Children’s Home is to serve children by providing a loving, nurturing, and stimulating environment that will foster independence and ensure success among its residents. ECCH ministers to the spiritual, physical, emotional, and educational needs of the child. ECCH also serves as a resource to current and former residents, as well as birth and adoptive families, while allowing these families to maintain an active role in the development and implementation of goals and activities.

Ebenezer Christian Children’s Home opened its doors in 1994 to serve children with our first residential home, The Genesis Home.  Since then, our family has grown to include 6 residential homes, serving children birth-21 years old and we can serve up to 43 children at a time.  We have served children who have special needs including: developmental delays, phenylketonuria (PKU), type 1 diabetes as well as a range of cognitive differences. Specialty areas within the residential services program include an Independent Living Program to equip adolescents with skills needed to be successful adults and an infant and toddler ministry.  Our infant and toddler home is uniquely licensed allowing us to serve children from birth.  This is an effort to keep sibling groups together until a foster home can be identified for them. 

In order to best serve children, the next logical step for the Ebenezer family was to become a licensed child placement agency.  We have 37 licensed homes, with other families in the process of becoming licensed.  We have several certified MAPP Trainers and offer classes in High Point, Asheboro and Wilkes County to train and support our foster families.  We work hard to proactively meet the foster family’s needs as well as the foster child placed with them. We empower families with training and educational opportunities, face to face consultations, as well as support via email or phone.  Foster parents work in partnership with the Ebenezer family, built on a high level of mutual respect, in order to identify and build upon strengths and that will best be able to serve a specific child’s needs.

Our goal is to support reunification, and a little over half of the children we serve in foster care are reunified with their birth family.  We will support our foster families who are interested in pursuing adoption of their foster children if the court decides that the children cannot return home.  Because we value the importance of achieving permanency for each child, we do provide the hopeful adoptive families with an adoption home study or PPA (pre-placement assessment) at no charge for families who have become licensed through Ebenezer.  We also provide filing services and coordination of post adoption services when needed.   The Ebenezer family been blessed to assist many children in finding their forever families, however we only provide adoption services for children in foster care.  The Ebenezer family does not provide adoption services for international adoption or private adoptions.  ECCH reserves the option to conduct private home studies for adoptions.